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I am a vegan myself and it is very important to me to respect the values that follow my principles. Our products are not animal tested and we do not use ingredients of animal origin in our products. Silé Cosmetics is a FI Natura certified series, which means controlled product quality, organicness and origin.


Silé Cosmetics’ products use only raw materials that have undergone meticulous consideration and evaluation. It is crucial to me to know where the products come from and how they are grown. I know all our raw material suppliers and I prefer local producers in my choices. Silé Cosmetics has its own high-tech production facility in Kokkola.


Recycling is close to my heart and I sort all my waste separately at home. I wanted this philosophy to be strongly visible throughout the entire production. All Silé Cosmetics packaging is made from recycled materials.
We hope that each of you would also appreciate our unique nature and recycle the used packaging of Silé Cosmetics!

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