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Meet Marina Spirit: The Heart and Soul Behind SILÉ

Hello and warmest greetings! I’m Marina Spirit, the founder and passionate soul behind SILÉ cosmetics. My journey is one of love, dedication, and resilience. As a mother of four and a dedicated wife, I’ve faced numerous challenges and experienced many ups and downs in my life. Through it all, I’ve learned the importance of unwavering belief in what you’re doing.

My journey began with a simple yet profound desire: to make people happier and more confident. What started as a small beauty studio, nurtured by my own hands and heart, has now blossomed into a flourishing chain of beauty studios and a luxurious line of natural Finnish cosmetics – SILÉ. This brand is more than just cosmetics; it’s a piece of my soul, my fifth child.





My Why

SILÉ stands out in the world of natural cosmetics because it carries a special ingredient – a piece of my soul in every bottle. Our products are crafted with the utmost care, blending the purity of Finnish nature with my personal touch. It’s not just about healthy and glowing skin; it’s about instilling confidence and self-love in every customer.



I believe that our skin, the largest organ we have, deserves the best. That’s why at SILÉ, we ensure that each product is not just effective and safe, but also a testament to my commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainable beauty practices.




More than a brand

My vision for SILÉ is clear: to empower women across the globe. Our meticulously designed products are a fusion of nature’s best and my unyielding passion. I am deeply involved in every aspect of our creation process, from careful ingredient selection to prototyping and certification.

SILÉ is more than a brand; it’s a movement towards self-love, confidence, and embracing the beauty that nature offers. It’s about bringing a touch of pure Finnish nature into your daily life.


Thank you

Thank you for being part of this journey. Let’s continue to care for our skin with the same love and attention we would give to our most cherished possessions.



With love and gratitude,
Marina Spirit

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